The Saints Academy is a “uniformed” school. All students are required to wear their uniforms which includes a navy blue uniform shirt and khaki or navy blue bottoms. On Wednesdays, the “Chapel” attire is a white dress shirt or blouse and the school blazer. Girl’s in grades K-5 may wear plaid uniform bottom.


Uniforms must be worn Monday thru Thursday and no other clothes are permitted. Jeans are “NOT” a part of our school uniform and may not be worn as part of the uniform.


Due to non- compliance, Friday attire will be denim bottom (skirt, jeans) and an appropriate top only. Mrs. Williams or her designee will stand at the door this year as students come to the school to enforce the school dress code. Parents please be prepared to be called if your child is out of compliance! Continued, blatant disregard for the school’s dress code will result in detention or eminent dismissal from the school. Uniforms will be purchased by the parents. Parents may pick up an order form and contact appropriate persons and vendor.


No short, shorts, dresses, tights or form fitting clothing is allowed. Pants must be belted on the waist. No drooping pants or shorts with underwear exposed!!! (Your child WILL be sent home). NO flip flops, slides, house slippers (boots or otherwise).


If students do not adhere to this or any dress code, parents will be called to pick up their student for the day. All missed work must be made up the next day and a grade of “0” will be given for EACH core subject missed. Continued non-compliance of the dress code will result in a report being made to the scholarship company or the Board of Directors for action. The Principal could make an exception to this on field trips where school shirts are worn.


For more information, please call: (407) 683-5537